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Here are some of the questions we get asked a lot.  We put them to some of current year 7 students to see what wisdom they have to share!

Where can I buy a tie?

Once you know which house you will be in, you can click here to buy a tie from the Parent Pay Shop.

Will I get lost?

Do you know what, you probably will!  But you’ll soon find your way around like all the other students in the higher years have. 

“Don’t worry if you get lost because you will soon get to know the school better!  If you do get lost, just find another student or a teacher and they’ll help you out.”   Amy

Will I get bullied?  Is there bullying at Phoenix?

There is some bullying at Phoenix.  There is a small chance that you or one of your friends will be bullied. If you are there are lots of people who can help you; the head of year, pastoral support team, tutors and teachers, but the main thing to remember is - you must tell somebody! The sooner you do, the sooner things will get better for you.

“I’m afraid there is bullying in every school – primary or high school but at Phoenix bullying gets dealt with very quickly.  If you are being bullied or if you see someone getting bullied, tell your tutor or go to key stage, they will deal with it straight away.  Daya & Morgan


Are the teachers really strict?

Some of the teachers are strict, some are really kind.  The thing to remember is that all the teachers want you to do really well so if you find a teacher is being strict, you are probably doing something wrong!  I worried a bit about the teachers before I came but after a few days I got used to them and now I like all the ones who teach me.  Robert, Daya, Amy, Harvey & Victoria.

Are you allowed mobile phones at school?

Strictly no, but if they are kept in a pocket or in your bag and turned off or on silent, thats fine.  If a teacher sees it, it will be confiscated, even if it is break or lunchtime. The school does not accept any responsibility for the security of students mobile phones. Victoria and Tyler

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