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The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. Students and parents can find out more about the Phoenix curriculum and qualifications by visiting the DfE National Curriculum Website (KS3 & 4) and/or the appropriate examination board website. Links have been provided below.

The Curriculum at Phoenix
The Phoenix vision is articulated in three core principles, “aspire”, “believe” and “succeed”. Our curriculum and learning environment have been designed to support the needs and interests of all our young people and we hope that as students progress through school, they will enjoy and succeed in the opportunities which are available to them.

Phoenix also values after school and extra curricula activities - either related to school work or something completely different - we aim to produce well rounded citizens who are happy and helpful to society. This years extra-curricular activities can be found here.

Select the Subject Hub from the menu on the left to view a detailed breakdown by subject and year group of the Phoenix  curriculum. 

The Phoenix Collegiate – Curriculum Statement
At Phoenix our curriculum places a strong emphasis upon:

  1. Ensuring our young people are both literate and numerate
  2. Developing transferrable skills
  3. Meeting the needs of the individual learners and preparing them for life in the Twenty First Century
  4. Links made with the wider community and local companies, such as DPD and the Halifax Building Society
  5. Support and guidance.

Curriculum extension and enrichment are key elements of the opportunities offered to our students, both during the school day and out of hours. 

We have high expectations of our students, which are regularly communicated through our target setting and monitoring processes. 

Social, moral, cultural and spiritual values are developed across the core and extended curriculum. They are also defined within the school Code of Conduct.

Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum together which lead to appropriate accredited courses. A wide range of additional support is offered to those students who experience any barriers to learning.

The timetable is based upon 25 lessons each week; with an opportunity for tutor period, reading time and assemblies to take place.

Curriculum Plan 2019/2020

Number of hours allocated to each curriculum subject per two week cycle.
  En Ma Sc Cm Ge Hi Re Ar Mu Dr Fd Pe Rm Sp Ls Hu Op
Year 7 7 8 6 2 4* 4* 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 2 2* 2*  
Year 8 8 8 6 2 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 3      
Year 9 8 8 8   3 3           4   3     14
Year10 10 8 10                 4         18
Year11 10 8 10                 4         18
* Students that do not meet the DFE defined standards for KS2 will undertake additional Literacy/Numeracy/Study skills in Year 7. This may lead to a reduction in hours in Ge & Hi.

Key to subjects:

En - English RE - Religious Education Rm - Resistant Materials
Ma - Maths Ar - Art Sp - Spanish
Sc - Science   Mu - Music   Ls - Literacy
Cm - Computing    Dr - Drama   Hu - Humanities  
Ge - Geography Fd - Food Tech  Op  - Options
Hi - History PE - Physical Ed  


5 Year Plan for students entering Phoenix Year 7 in 2017

  En Ma Sc Cm Ge Hi RE Ar Mu Dr Fd PE Rm Sp Ls Hu OptA OptB OptC
Year 7 9 8 6 2 4* 4* 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 1* 2* 2*      
Year 8 8 8 6 2 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 3          
Year 9 8 8 8 2 3 4   2 2 2 2 4 2 3          
Year 10 10 8 10                 4         6 6 6
Year 11 10 8 10                 4         6 6 6
* Students that do not meet the DFE defined standards for KS2 will untertake additional Litracy/Numeracy/Study skills in Year 7. This may lead to a reduction in hours in Ge, Hi and Sp.
Computing in Key Stage 4 will be delivered as a Level 2 Qualification through NCFE consisting of 4 Units of work and 1 Exam.
Sex and relationship education will also be delivered during School Enrichment Days in both key stage 3 and 4.
Religious Education will be delivered during School Enrichment Days in both Year 9 and key stage 4.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum
In KS3 students are separated into 3 bands of approximately 110 students per band. Within these bands,  students are placed in groups based upon expected outcomes. On entry to year 7, some students are identified as needing additional support in Literacy and numeracy. Where this is the case, students may be placed into an Enhanced Transition Provision (ETP) group. Students in a transition group will remain in this group for the majority of their subjects, except for PE and technology. In Technology the groups are mixed ability, whilst in PE groups are based upon gender. Group sizes range from 10 – 28.

The core subjects (English, maths and science) are taught in ability groups based on two half year groups, whilst some of the non – core subjects are taught in tutor groups to aid transition in Year 7. Group sizes range from 10 – 28.

 There is a strong emphasis on Literacy, with all students having access to the Lexia and Renaissance programmes as required; at an appropriate level. A “catch up” programme to assist those students who require additional support in closing  the gap in Literacy and Numeracy, to ensure that they become more able to fully access the curriculum which is being delivered.

All students receive two hours per week of core Physical Education. Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship are delivered through a series of Curriculum Enrichment Days. A unit of sex education forms part of this programme and concentrates upon personal relationships rather than physical processes.

 The right of parents to withdraw students from these lessons extends to all students. However, as the school takes care to prepare this programme sensitively as part of an on-going life skills package, we very much hope that this right will not be exercised.

We believe that Year 9 marks the transition between Key Stage 3 and 4 and that during this time, there needs to be a strong emphasis placed upon the development of those skills which we deliver by introducing a sample of options  which then form the basis of future success in the subjects which they will follow in Years 10 and 11. 

Key Stage 4 Curriculum
All students will follow a core curriculum leading to qualifications in English, mathematics and science. For those students who need it, additional lessons in English and mathematics, along with support for those for whom English is not a first language, are available as part of our extended day offer. We also offer the opportunity for studying Punjabi, Polish and other home languages after school to GCSE standard. 

Everyone will also study Physical Education, along with PSHE, Citizenship, Enterprise Education and RE, which are delivered via a series of Curriculum Enrichment Days.

Following an intensive programme of Information, Advice and Guidance, students will be asked to choose THREE option subjects – from a wide range of GCSE and BTEC qualifications; all of which appear on the government’s list of accredited qualifications.  In addition to their core offer, it is expected that all students will opt for at least one of the English Baccalaureate subjects – History, Geography, Spanish and Computer Science. Others will take up vocational placements, or be placed on an alternative curriculum provision programme, following consultation with parents/carers.

Post 16 
Now that students are engaged in education or training until the age of 18, we have sought to expand our Post 16 offer by providing a wider range of subjects in A level and BTEC courses. The further study of maths and English is expected for all students not achieving a GCSE grade 4 by the end of Key Stage 4. 

There is an information evening held early in the autumn term for Year 11 students considering joining the Sixth Form and on- going advice and guidance is provided throughout the time they spend at Phoenix.


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