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Defence Secretary - Gavin Williamson visits Phoenix Collegiate to make a BIG announcement!


Defence Secretary - Gavin Williamson visited Phoenix Collegiate on Friday and announced that six West Midlands schools will create new cadet units.

The announcement came as the Defence Secretary had the opportunity to meet our staff cadets and see first-hand the new skills that students have gained.

Two of them attempted to teach him how to do a fisherman's bend knot, a technique which Mr Williamson appeared to find beyond his capabilities.

“I’m delighted to announce a new round of cadet units in schools across the UK, showing our commitment to ensure students from all backgrounds have the chance to fulfil their potential."

“Being a cadet offers students unrivalled opportunities to develop new skills, enjoy unforgettable life experiences, and be inspired by our world class armed forces," Mr Williamson said.


Mr Williamson spoke very highly of the cadets here at Phoenix and was impressed with their confidence, problem solving and teamwork - skills that will stand them in good stead in the future.



"It goes without saying, so many of them see the real worth of our Armed Forces, so many of them actually realise what an important role the Navy, the Army and the Air Force actually play in keeping Britain safe, that quite naturally many of them want to actually join the Armed Forces in the future."

Click the video below to see the full interview and footage of Mr Williamson's visit to Phoenix Collegiate.



For more information on the Government's Cadet Expansion Programme (CEP), please click the links below:


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